Sunday, 23 March 2014

what the frig do i actually have to do
i really need to crack on
i've put it off for far too long 


- photoshoot (bunny)
- photoshoot (gas mask)
- photoshoot (mime) 
- photoshoot (skull) (?)
- critically analyse an artists portfolio (can be done online)
- get feedback for my work from 2 artists (actually need to have done work) (graham rawle and bella west?)
- enter competition (BIPP maximum of 5 images) (Easter)
- enter another competition (?) (more comps more chance of winning) 
- get work published (magazine, website (not your own or peers), photo library (alamy, getty), an exhibition
- constantly review portfolio
- continue with reflective diary
- mustmustmust decide what size i want my images to be
- look for frames in charity shop to suit my final decision (unless I make my work fit the frame?) (speak with katrina)
- keep working on business card to perfect style
- book accommodation in london
- train to london?
- take portfolio down? (where can i put it? no tables in gallery)
- artist statement (needs to be done by 28th)
- deadline: 9th May

- buy shitty liquid eyeliner
- buy more white masks (NOT VELVET)
- slowly start report (not too overwhelming then) (time to reconsider)
- write a cv
- business cards
- website? (yorkshire pudding)
- blog (sometimes i think)
- working along side of major project (constantly review portfolio) (progress from pro context to major project) 
- keep gathering quotes (on identity)
- gold pen to colour the sides of business cards in
- deadline: 29th April 9-10am 4pm
- hang create exhibition: 9th May

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