Sunday, 30 March 2014

made me mam me special lasagne today for M Day

then i cleaned the kitchen
mopped the floor
pegged ar stephs washing out
washed the dogs
now im eating crisps cause i can

Saturday, 29 March 2014

i really need a chalk board or like a white board

something i can rub words off
its guaranteed every single year
ar phill always gets me mam flowers for mothers day

every single year
i'd be lost if he didn't do it tbh

having a mini panic attack i think

stressing a bit

it's a good top alright

could not find my chuffin foundation or mascara today

go to work
have to wear my glasses to hide most of my face

find foundation when i get home

still on the look out for that pesky mascara tsk

Friday, 28 March 2014

his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen 
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen

his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen 
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen

his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen 
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen

his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen 
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen

his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen 
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen
his name is robert paulsen

7 drawings

i think i'm done for today

all tuckered out!

(and yes i know there's only 4 in the picture

do you think i'm dumb?!)

got my drawing pen going

the ideas are flowing

genuinely didn't mean to rhyme then

Keep forgetting to do this selfie business


Rockin with ma cock out

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Toad and myself are finally reunited

And it feels so good 

starred up was actually really really good

made ever better by jack and chloe coming
jack just because i love him
and chloe cause she just doesnt understand anything hahaha

memory thing

got up at like 1 cause i was fed up
got up cause i heard my niece downstairs
watched my mum and my brothers girlfriend yell at my nephew for being a right swine
he wouldnt listen and kept stomping his foot (bad move)

tried to do a bitta work
abbies letter came
chloe came round with boat biscuits and told me i had to leave this house then we went to asda
went back, ate fries to go
went to cineflicks
chloe was being funny after cause she was tired
came home
watched fantastic mr fox

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

memory diary
what did i do today

went to do a shoot with my gasmask
wanted a train track
couldnt find a disused one so that didn't work too well
i don't like the pics i dont think
then we went to the walnut tree
had the best pudding ever
went to college
listened to robin widdowson for 2 hours
i liked him
he was helpful
could have done with hearing it sooner than now though
i think anyway
then went to subway
ate food
ate cookies
went to chloes
did some work
emailed gina and nicole 
started editing a pic
talked to jordan
my phones been dead all day which is a nice change of pace
home now

bout it i think
this photography business ain't ma best!

arghhhog jepogjs;'aodgjsd'lgj
Had some work done yesterday

I'm incognito!

gas mask today actually

bunny can wait
copyright rebwells 2014

just messing around
don't think i like it
too much going on
starts to look a bit trippy if you look at it for ages
i just dont know!!!
memory diary
what did i do yesterday

stayed at my sisters so i got up super early cause she's an 'early riser' had breakfast got ready listened to beyonce and got dropped off at starbucks
where chloe picked me up and i had to get her a hot chocolate then we went to college
helped chloe finish her shoot, did another one of chloes shoot (i discovered i will NEVER be a food stylist cause its well hard)
got the 6D for today and tomorrow
booked it over easter
ate a strawberry
went back to chloes n watched skins and my mad fat diary then went home to my lovely comfy bed where i watched aristocats (some of it anyway, fell asleep)

think thats bart it

am gonna be late at this rate

need to get up and do my hair make up and decide what to wear to be a bunny rabbit

need to do a shoot

then i get to go to college to listen to a visiting speaker in the warmest room in the whole world


Monday, 24 March 2014

Sunday, 23 March 2014

need a fork to reach the bottom of the pickled onion jar :(
want a nomination braclet
if anyone is kind enough?
gonna start my memory diary again
hopefully i'll remember to write it this time lol

i will improve my memory
what the frig do i actually have to do
i really need to crack on
i've put it off for far too long 


- photoshoot (bunny)
- photoshoot (gas mask)
- photoshoot (mime) 
- photoshoot (skull) (?)
- critically analyse an artists portfolio (can be done online)
- get feedback for my work from 2 artists (actually need to have done work) (graham rawle and bella west?)
- enter competition (BIPP maximum of 5 images) (Easter)
- enter another competition (?) (more comps more chance of winning) 
- get work published (magazine, website (not your own or peers), photo library (alamy, getty), an exhibition
- constantly review portfolio
- continue with reflective diary
- mustmustmust decide what size i want my images to be
- look for frames in charity shop to suit my final decision (unless I make my work fit the frame?) (speak with katrina)
- keep working on business card to perfect style
- book accommodation in london
- train to london?
- take portfolio down? (where can i put it? no tables in gallery)
- artist statement (needs to be done by 28th)
- deadline: 9th May

- buy shitty liquid eyeliner
- buy more white masks (NOT VELVET)
- slowly start report (not too overwhelming then) (time to reconsider)
- write a cv
- business cards
- website? (yorkshire pudding)
- blog (sometimes i think)
- working along side of major project (constantly review portfolio) (progress from pro context to major project) 
- keep gathering quotes (on identity)
- gold pen to colour the sides of business cards in
- deadline: 29th April 9-10am 4pm
- hang create exhibition: 9th May

Saturday, 22 March 2014

she doesnt need to read it cause i open my big gob n tell her
if my best read my blog she would know that i've finally wrote her a letter and it will be sent off tomorrow (if i remember to send it like)

but i bet she dunt even read it! 

(can't say i blame her like
i literally talk shit and just upload a thousand selfies all the time

i don't even wanna read it)

i miss you like crazy

why can't someone take me to fucking prague?

it's not a lot to ask for

well ungry

whitney on repeat yar?!

i really really like to be able to go to work and come home and say 

"ooft am knackered!"

makes me much more happier than doing naff all and not earning my money

Friday, 21 March 2014

126 images today

i half like 8 of them


dont take pictures for other people



i even got distracted by glee videos whilst writing this. 
I have a real problem
hello new shoes
bye bye blues!
chuffin toothpaste

i'm such a klutz

Thursday, 20 March 2014

just been messing about with more stamps and business card stuffs

i want a sign near my business cards reading


i think thats rate clever that
went to york today 


now i'm feeding the dog, tidying my room, getting into my comfy clothes then am off to smash yorkshire monopoly

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

just jetting off for a jacket tatey with my boyfriend here

he's not happy with me cause we have to leave sparky at home

sparky dunt seem bothered like

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

what do you even put on a business card?!

this is well hard

i looked on a website n it said there's 11 things you need on a business card
i don't think this website realises how chuffin small a business card is

i'll need my name
that's a given

email address

blog address

the fact i do togs?

who thought... 
'lets warm up this bread and see what happens'

whoever they are, I love them
Smashed me 500 words!!!

bout 58 words over and I included images cause I am boss
PG Tips tastes like witch piss

got nowt on a Yorkshire Tea
got in at half 5 this morning
slept til 3 this aft

sleeping patterns nice n fucked now yay...

least i've got sally to wake me up with a brew <3

got my 500 words to write still. 2 hours to gooooo

Monday, 17 March 2014

business cards are a gogo

bought this mask n nearly cried when i learnt it was velvet

"Whatever tomorrow brings 
I'll be there 
With open arms and open eyes yeahhh"
"meet me in outer space
we could spend our night
watch the earth come up"
I suppose I shouldn't just go on Oblivion all day if I haven't gone into uni. 
What I really need is to buy a stamp.
I'm gonna have to do it.
Sooner better than laterrrrrrr


Sunday, 16 March 2014

I ate about 11 (I think) pickled onions

Then went to see the Lego Movie again so failed my challenge :/

not sure why my face looks so dirty hahaha

sunday challenge: to eat this full jar by the end of the day

You know what I had for breakfast?
Pickled onions
You know what I had for lunch?
Pickled onions
What did you have for dinner?
Was it pickled onions?

forgot to say

but i actually really liked fantastic mr fox

its chuffin weird and crazy
and they talk funny

but i like it.

y'know what else i liked?
spirited away

that shit is crazy but so good

Saturday, 15 March 2014

I like sweets

Just been to the wheat sheef n I'm sure I'm diseased now

Thursday, 13 March 2014

gonna watch fantastic mr fox

wish me luck

drinking orrie due due from sallys head

rearranged my bookcase today

can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me feel

i have issues..

spent lots of monies today
on things i didn't really need
ot ohhhh

am hungry

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

It's quite very scary
The thought that my degree finishes in May
I have to figure some stuff out

What am I gonna do?

I need to get a job
I'm struggling to live off working one day a week now
And I've received some (STILL NOT ALL THE INCOMPETENT FOOLS) of my student loan

I need to think good n proper about the type of job I want
I think it's apparent photography isn't my strong point
I need something arty of course still, just, what?

I'll need to write a new CV
Something nice to look at but still informative

Of course

I need to write my artist statement as well
For the exhibition

Not that I know what I'm chuffin exhibiting
I'm panicing
I can't seem to think of anything clever
Do I want the masks in context? 
Or do I put them in a situation you wouldn't usually see them in?

I need to use this gas mask soon
I think Sam wants it back
Had it for ages now

But I don't want my pictures to look like everyone elses
I have the studio next Tuesday again, hopefully my migraine will be tame like today so I can actually get stuff done
Just want some close ups of the masks so I have something a bit better than them just in my bedroom with naff lighting and selfie style.

I played about with my business cards today
I must typewrite about that soon
Tomorrow if I remember
I need more ink and stamps really
And one of those stamps that you put the letters in so I can put all my details on
Then they'll start to look like real business cards
I'm a little worried though, the ink on them doesn't set very well
One still smudged after I left them for hours
Might have to hairdry them for security

I think for E&A I might do it a blog/diary style thing
That seems to be what I'm best at
What I'm more comfortable with
What I'm used to

Still don't know how I'm going to display it though
Was thinking of projecting onto the body but that's been done too many times
Then I was thinking of getting those creepy white masks and writing it all on those
Then I thought writing it onto a face 
I'd rather my own face but I wouldn't be able to write on that without cocking up constantly
I could photograph the face them and have a grid of images of the face with the words written on
That's my favourite idea so far
Time consuming

Not really in a blog/diary style of presenting
But rules are meant to be broken

so i can find em again
I've had a good couple of days

my playing cards came today too
got my new bank card
had a milkshake
watched frozen a lot
saw jackjack
went to ikea
migraines tamed a lot! (touch wood)
read abbies story

yada yada yada


don't even know what day it is

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


So tres sunny! Got the musical tunes blasting!!!! 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I am super rubbish. 
Three days! 

I even came downstairs to take these

You don't know how lucky you are! 
Hate it down here

The stench of the worlds strong cig smoke fills this room
Does not help the migraine

Friday, 7 March 2014

fdkncmcmcmpjidgjdxjbxcvjnvjcjdjhkjkgkfi v,mnvcbmnasklaERTERTERTERT[ERTPIMsndberiunrveq' yvw ;yvu io'eyveotvyyou 'iov ;yev; bt

can't think of anything to blog about

Thursday, 6 March 2014

i lost track of days 

very small dog getting very big cuddles <3
i need to do a presentation of what i've done so far

...what have i done so far?!

one test shoot
selfie challenge - blog

cindy sherman
the photograph as contemporary art - charlotte cotton
- ralph eugene meatyard - lucybelle crater and her 46 year old husbands's 21 year old secretary lucybelle crater, 1970-72
-tatsumi orimoto - bread man son and alzheimer mama, tokyo, 1996
Philip Lorca Dicorcia exhibition at hepworth

live brief
-gina (meet tuesday)

reflective diary

probably think of more later

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

i don't get why its so purple

like the other days one

its when i upload it to blogger

super tres annoying.

today's selfie is inspired by being totes fed up 
Had a tutorial with Stewart

I was expecting to show him my test shoot and for him to rip it to pieces

telling me the lighting is bad 
and that its not relevant
and it just doesn't work

but instead I got
that I'm in the right to say no if I don't want to do something
that my idea has potential

I just am a bit shocked really
The migraine today has literally sucked all the happiness from me

I could cry if I was soft
"Hi Rebecca,

I got confused because I know someone else called Rebecca Wells - except I couldn't quite remember who she was; I think was a student on our course. I have such a dreadful memory for names. But that's not you. You're a different Rebecca Wells. And I do remember you and all your books.

It was a pleasure to see your work. The dolls are strange and unsettling - just as they should be. The photography and lighting is impressive; you get real depth into your pictures. Dolls are interesting characters to carry a narrative, because they don't really do anything and their expression remains the same. But with clever photography and lighting you can suggest different moods and expressions. 

Keep up the good work.



This is my feedback I got from my last module by Graham Rawle. 
He was so nice, I always come back and look at it.

"Keep up the good work"

If he thinks I'm decent, maybe I can do this
awwww my gawdddd

i've woke up everyday for over a week now feeling like I'm hungover

heads banging
light sensitive 
can't even lean over with a throbbing pain

could say i'm chuffin bored of this now

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

For my dad's birthday we got him a puppy
Love our little Bob <3
this can be todays selfie, but i might do another when my dad gets home
I had a Tim Burton birthday cake, still got this little fella from the top <3

fed up

Monday, 3 March 2014

p.s Hi Julian!
i'm totally used to not wearing make up on these things ha

at uni and my tutors all 
"look at this new thing you can do on photoshop, it's so amazing"

where's the honesty in fake trees and grass from a different image?
Holding my hands up

admitting i totally did not upload a selfie yesterday

my bad

DAY #9

my phone has broken
total white screen with JVM Error 517 reset

in other words, a reboot cycling always leading to the same white screen with error message.

gotta love a wankberry

totally unsure as to  why my hair is purple on this picture
shitty college lighting

Saturday, 1 March 2014


been at work
came straight to dandans

been on pof ever since

(got my hair cut yesterday)